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The Inca Trail
Through Chile, Bolivia and Peru

Travel 1000s of years through history on the same trail used by the first inhabitants of South America. Today, the Inca trail is a major tourist attraction offering visitors a glimpse of what life was like for the first civilization of the south. The journey, by bus, foot and train, includes visits to geysers, a salts lakes high in the Andes, the Atacama Desert, the driest in the world, oasis, museums featuring the oldest mummies in the world, cave paintings more than 4,500 meters above sea level, the highest lake in the world at the Chungara, the ancient Tiwanaku Empire, Lake Titicaca (Place of Wild Cats in Aymara), Machu Picchu (Old Mountain in Quehua), and unique flora and fauna of the region.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience that will live forever in your memories.


The Inca Trail
Through Chile, Bolivia and Peru
16 days – 15 nights

Day 1 -- Arrival at Santiago

Greeted upon arrival at Arturo Merino Airport in Santiago, Chile, and taken to your hotel.


Day 2Santiago/Calama, San Pedro Tour

Fly to Calama where you will be greeted by your guide for the trip and taken to check into a three star hotel.

Then onto San Pedro de Atacama, an archaeology site and a major tourist attraction 2,500 meters above sea level.

Later, tour the fantastic MoonValley, one of the most inhospitable places on Earth, and the Valley of Death before settling into your hotel.

Day 3Atacaman ruins and salt lakeTour

In the morning visit to the ruins of Quitor, Tulor and the museum of Father Lepaige. An afternoon excursion includes a visit to the Atacaman salt lake at Chaxa, then return to lodging at San Pedro.

Day 4 – Tatio Geyser Tour

A 4 a.m. departure is necessary to reach the geyser at 6:30, its most spectacular time and an excellent photo opportunity.

On the return trip you will visit several towns on the plateau and spend the night in a hotel in Calama.

Day 5 – Northern Atacama Desert attractions Tour

A visit to hieroglyphics de Pintados, which dates back 10,000 years, and the saltpeter ruins at Humbertone will make your drive through the driest desert in the world from Calama to Arica memorial indeed. You will cross the River Loa, the longest river in Chile.

Day 6 – City tour of Arica

Visit caverns on the Pacific coast, museums, including SanMiguelMuseum where the oldest mummies in the world are to be found, the Azapa Valley, hieroglyphics, Sacred Hill, The city of eternal spring has its unique charm.

Day 7: Arica – Putre tour

The changes in the landscape of desert and pre-mountainous will fascinate you as you go from 0 meters sea level to 3,500 above sea level, a magnetic field and unique cacti; Pucaras; a defense port of strategic importance; 1000-year-old towns; a supermarket where everything is in Tamba, the native language; walk to the town of Socoroma along 1000-year-old trails the Inca used; see llamas, alpaca, vicunas and guanacos in a protected nature habitat. Spend the night in a hotel at Putre.

Day 8Tour of the Surire salt lake

Visit an active volcano at Guallatire, a wild life reserve, a monumental natural salt lake covering 11,000 hectares at Surire, native habitats where the ancient language Aymara is spoken. Flamingos and alpacas will brighten the view along the way to your hotel in Putre.

Day 9 Lake Chungara excursion Tour

See the non-active twin volcanoes of Payachatas, LaucaNational Park, Qutaqutani Lagoon, a spectacular photo opportunity of wildlife and flora, a total package.

The trip onto La Paz includes Sajama National Park and ajama Volcano. In the Bolivian capital are 1000-year-old ruins. An evening trip to Tiwanaku precedes an overnight stay in a hostel in Wiracocha.

Day 10 – Tiwanaku Tour – Copacabana

Pilcocaina Ruin starts the day before a typical lunch on the Island of Sun on Lake Titicaca and later stroll through the Ecological Village. Overnight stay in the Village.

Day 11Tour of Lake Titicaca
(Place of Wild Cats)

Wake up to an unforgettable sight on Lake Titicaca. After a typical breakfast visit MoonIsland and Inaquyu ruins then return to Copacabana. Spend the night at a hotel in Puno.

Day 12Puno Tour

Visit the floating island of Urus on Lake Titicaca.

Enjoy an evening and hotel in Cuzco.

Day 13 City Tour of Cuzco
The temple of the Sun (Koricancha in Quechua)

starts the day followed by visits to Sacsayhuaman Fort, Kenko Amphitheatre and Plaza de Armas.

Return to hotel.

Day 14Machu Picchu Tour

Travel by train and taxi to the famous fortress city of the ancient Incas and return to the hotel in Cuzco in the evening.

Day 15Cuzco

A free day to enjoy Inca ruins and Spanish colonial architecture.


Day 16Lima

Catch a morning flight to Lima and enjoy a walking tour of the Peruvian capital. Later, say good bye to your guide as you head to the international airport for your flight home.





Price per person

1,850 U$D
Minimum 4 people
Maximum 12 people per group


16 days, 15 nights
Three-star hotels and shelters in remote locations
Parks and museums fees

Does not include international and domestic flights


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